Weight change during menopause AND perimenopause can manifest as weight gain, particularly in the abdominal area. Hormonal fluctuations, metabolic changes, and lifestyle factors contribute to shifts in body composition and weight distribution.

Weight change is a common symptom experienced by women going through menopause AND perimenopause. Approximately 75% of women in this stage report weight gain or changes in body weight.

Around 75% of women going through menopause AND perimenopause experience weight change, including weight gain, weight loss, or shifts in body composition. It can be influenced by hormonal changes, aging, genetic factors, and lifestyle habits.

The most effective treatments for weight change during menopause and perimenopause involve a comprehensive approach. This includes maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet, regular physical activity, strength training exercises, managing stress levels, and seeking professional guidance for personalized strategies.

The average percentage of women who report reduced weight change symptoms after two months of starting menopause treatment varies but can range from 30% to 60%. Individual responses to treatment may vary based on factors such as adherence to lifestyle modifications, hormonal balance, and overall health status.

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