Hot flashes, the most common symptom of menopause AND perimenopause, are sudden feelings of intense heat and are sometimes accompanied by skin flushing, rapid heartbeat, and anxiety or dread.

Approximately 80% of women going through menopause AND perimenopause experience hot flashes, according to data from typical medical health intake assessments.

Hot flashes can be effectively managed through holistic treatment plans that may include nutrition, exercise, yoga, and other lifestyle modifications. Additionally, certain medications have been shown to be effective in reducing hot flashes symptoms, such as estradiol (estrogen) and Paroxetine (Brisdelle), among others.

Based on studies, after one month of treatment, approximately 74% of women report a reduction in hot flashes symptoms. By the end of the second month, this number increases to around 94% of women experiencing a reduction in hot flashes symptoms.

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