Chana Lemetayer

Our certified nurse and Menopause health coach hailing from France. With 20 years of experience as a clinical nurse at the cantonal hospital in Geneva, Switzerland, she brings a wealth of expertise to MEDALMA. Chana continued her nursing practice in Montreal, focusing on hormone therapy in a private clinic setting.

Alongside her nursing career, Chana pursued naturopathy, earning her certification in Quebec. In 2016, she deepened her understanding of integrative health under the guidance of Dr. Donatini, a renowned gastroenterologist, oncologist, and immunologist in France.

Chana is a lifelong learner, constantly updating her knowledge with the latest research and techniques in integrative health. She places a strong emphasis on prevention, understanding that each patient’s pathway to health begins in a unique place.

Specializing in hormonal and digestive health and the balance of the autonomic nervous system, Chana appreciates the vital roles these systems play in our overall health and well-being. Her approach to care is both holistic and integrative, considering the multitude of interactions across a patient’s biological, mental, psychic, emotional, and energetic systems.

Chana truly believes in the importance of unity within oneself for optimal health. At MEDALMA, she is committed to guiding each patient toward this state of inner harmony, treating them as a complete entity rather than a set of isolated symptoms.

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